Island Travel: Coral Reefs, Cultures and Conservation

Island travel offers it all.  Coral reefs, beautiful beaches, unique cultures, friendly people and great sunsets.  Odds are if you are reading this you know I don't mean a week in a high rise hotel in Waikiki.  I'm talking about real island expeditions to places you may have only dreamed of or for that matter not even heard of.  That's where Seacology comes in.  While many people know us as the world's premier ngo (nonprofit) whose sole purpose is preserving island environments and cultures, what is less known is that we offer 3 or 4 trips a year to some of the planet's most beautiful islands.  What makes our trips special besides our destinations?  During our trips we visit remote villages where we have provided the funding for schools, community centers, fresh water delivery systems, etc. in exchange for the establishment of marine or forest reserves.  So when we visit a village we are treated like family.  We offer the three holy grails of modern travel:

  1. We go to places that are off the beaten path,
  2. We are treated by the locals like family and not like tourists,
  3. Our trips are meaningful and rewarding in addition to being fun. 
And we always stay at the most luxurious accommodations available during our trips.  Interested in joining us?  Check out  the Seacology Island Travel page.

You might want to view invitations to  our 2008 trips to Madagascar/South Africa  and to Fiji.  But don't take my word for it.  Check out what noted travel author Jeff Greenwald had to say in his recent article Paradise Saved which appeared in  OutsideGo magazine.

If your schedule does not permit just sit back, fasten your seatbelt and visit my blog.  The armchair travel will be pretty exciting as well. It will be full of photos and videos and announcements of future trips.  Oh, before I go, a quick introduction.  I am Duane Silverstein, the executive director of Seacology.  I have led over 20 trips to islands throughout the world, am a fellow of the Explorer's Club and the NY Times called me "one of the world's leading island explorers."  Enough tooting of my own horn.  I look forward to traveling with you either in person or virtually via this blog.



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