Seacology board of directors approves 10 new island projects

January and June are exciting times around the Seacology office, as those are the typical months for our board meetings.  As I wrote in this post, the months leading up to the meetings are busy times for me as I work with our field representatives to gather information for potential projects to be presented to the board for approval.

hepca mooring.jpgThis time around, our board of directors approved 10 new projects.  I am especially excited that Seacology is expanding into a new region by funding a project in the Red Sea.

Following are short descriptions of the projects passed by Seacology's board of directors at their January 21 meeting.  You can find full descriptions on our website.

Above left: Seacology is assisting Egypt's Hurghada Environmental Protection and Conservation Organization in the installation of 25 mooring buoys around the islands of Wadi El Gemal National Park, Red Sea.  (Photo credit: HEPCA.)

COOK ISLANDS, Mitiaro Island - Renovation of eight community water tanks, purchase of 60 household waste bins and construction of paths and hand rails in exchange for the establishment of a 2,965-acre forest protected area for a duration of 10 years. 

EGYPT, Wadi El Gemal National Park Area, Southern Red Sea - Installation and implementation of mooring buoy network. 

FIJI, Levukai Daku Village, Matuku Island, Lau Group - Community center in exchange for the establishment of a 19,200-acre no-take marine reserve for a duration of 10 years. 

FIJI, Nakaugasele Village, Kadavu - Flush toilets and community center renovation in exchange for the establishment of an 8,320-acre marine protected area for a duration of 10 years. 

PAPUA NEW GUINEA, Karu, New Ireland Province - Village agriculture project in exchange for the establishment of a 297-acre no-take coastal marine conservation area. 

PAPUA NEW GUINEA, West Manus, southwestern Manus Province - Village water and school supplies project in exchange for the establishment of a 49,421 acre coastal forest conservation area. *

PHILIPPINES, Barangay Manamoc, Municipality of Cuyo, Northeastern Palawan - Solar power supply systems for schools and health centers in support of a 267-acre marine protected area. 

PHILIPPINES, Municipality of Murcia, Negros Occidental - Hydraulic ram pump water system in support of the protection of 4,942 acres of forest. *


VANUATU, Nasawa Community, Maewo Island - Renovation of three historical school buildings in exchange for the protection of all bird species and hardwood trees in a 1,339-acre area, as well as a 62-acre no-take marine reserve for a duration of 15 years. *

VANUATU, Sunae Village, Moso Island, Northwest Efate - Provision of a water supply and solar pump in exchange for the establishment of a 92-acre no-take marine reserve and a seven-acre mangrove reserve for minimum of 11 years.  (Marine reserve pictured above left.) *

* Support for asterisked projects is provided fully or in part by the Nu Skin Enterprises Force for Good Foundation.




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