Ailuk Community Marshall Islands Project Update


mhcolor.GIFSeacology Field Representative Simon Ellis and project leader Frankie Harriss sent us some wonderful photos and a report from the Ailuk Community, Marshall Islands. The Ailuk Community established a 160-acre marine protected area and a 55-acre terrestrial/marine protected area for a period of ten years.

In exchange, Seacology funded the construction of a solar-powered airport terminal and guest lodge. The project began in July 2007. In spite of some setbacks due to a lack of shipping options for materials to this remote area, the construction phase of the project was completed in January 2008 (photo of building under construction and completed below).

Under construction.JPG Completed building.JPG

Building entry.JPGOn January 29th, the recently elected Ailuk Local Government held an inauguration ceremony and a celebration. With assistance from the Marshall Islands Marine Resources Authority, the conservation areas have now become part of the fisheries management plan for Ailuk Atoll. These plans have been approved by the Ailuk Ook Fisheries Committee and the Ailuk Local Government Council.


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