Seacology board of directors approves 7 new island projects


I've been at Seacology for nine years now (I was the first paid employee, beating Executive Director Duane Silverstein by around a week). Each time a board meeting comes and passes, I'm astounded at both how time flies, as well as how we have grown as an organization. At their June 9 meeting, Seacology's board of directors approved seven new projects, bringing our total number of projects to 176. Moreover, a really cool milestone has been reached - Seacology now has projects on 100 islands in 44 countries throughout the world.


wasini_kids.jpgFollowing are short descriptions of the projects passed by Seacology's board of directors at their June 9 meeting. You can find full descriptions on our website.

AMERICAN SAMOA, Pago Pago Village, Tutuila Island - Phase 3: Eradicate the dense stands of the destructive Falcataria moluccana tree adjacent to the National Park areas of American Samoa (NPSA). *

Left: Children on the mangrove walkway, Wasini Island, Kenya.

INDONESIA, Umbu Langang Village, Sumba Island - Fresh water system in support of the protection of 7,414 acres of rainforest and savannah for a minimum duration of 10 years. *

KENYA, Wasini Island - Rehabilitation and construction of water collection and storage tanks in exchange for the protection of 1,236 acres of mangrove forests for a minimum of 10 years. *

PHILIPPINES, Barangay New Bulatukan, Municipality of Malasila, North Cotabato, Mindanao Island - Micro-hydro power generator and fruit tree nursery in support of the protection of 744 acres of watershed forest for a duration of 30 years.

Palaui_bird_sanctuary.jpgPHILIPPINES, Palaui Island - Renovation of multi-purpose hall in exchange for the establishment of a 5,369-acre forest reserve (right) for a duration of 20 years.

TUVALU, Nanumea Atoll - Refurbishment of a handicraft center and the establishment of a two-acre lagoon-based mangrove nursery/reserve, and the planting of 1,000 mangrove seedlings along a one-kilometer (.62 mile) coastline for a duration of 10 years.

YAP, Maaq Village - Construction of causeway culverts and extension of the village's household waste system in exchange for a 35-acre pristine mangrove sanctuary as a no-take area in perpetuity.

*  Support for asterisked projects is provided fully or in part by the Nu Skin Enterprises Force for Good Foundation.


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