Seacology Remembers Charles Chieng

It is with great sadness that the Seacology staff announces the passing of Chief Charles L. Chieng, executive director of Yap Community Action Project (Yap CAP) and coordinator of four Seacology projects on the Micronesian Island of Yap. "King Charles" worked within the chiefly system and at the grassroots level to encourage communities on this very culturally intact island to preserve their natural resources. His tireless commitment to conservation resulted in the establishment of a forest reserve, three mangrove reserves and multiple marine protected areas on and around both Yap proper, and the outer islands. Chief Chieng involved community members in all facets of conservation activities and successfully sought funding to allow them to be trained in planning, monitoring and enforcement activities. He also was an integral part of several Micronesia-wide conservation initiatives, and was influential in the establishment of strong environmental statutes for Yap, providing a model throughout the region and beyond.

Chief Chieng was a true island conservation hero whose leadership, humor and wisdom will be greatly missed.

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