Summer with Seacology


Seacology at Young Frankenstein

With summer in full swing, you may be busy navigating vacations and family reunions, or just relaxing by the pool or backyard. If you are in the Bay Area next week, it's not too late to join Seacology at our special Young Frankenstein benefit evening, next Tuesday, July 13. We will attend a performance of Young Frankenstein, a musical based on Mel Brooks' Oscar-nominated motion picture. Following the performance, our guests are invited to an exclusive reception featuring Young Frankenstein cast members. For further details and to purchase tickets, visit

Seacology and Trazzler

Have you been on any special summer vacations yet this year? Are you planning any meaningful trips? Do you think traveling can change the world, or make us better people? If any of these questions intrigue you, consider entering Trazzler's Smart Travel contest. Trazzler is an online travel website that provides unique travel recommendations. Trazzler and Seacology are teaming up in the Smart Travel contest to reward travel writing that answers the question - "Can travel make us better people?" Anyone is eligible to enter, and two winners will be selected to join Seacology on an expedition to swim with humpback whales in Tonga! To enter, visit the Smart Travel website here:



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