Seacology Prize 2010--Save the Date!


Seacology is pleased to invite all our San Francisco Bay Area supporters to our 2010 Seacology Prize Ceremony. The Seacology Prize is an international award given each year to an indigenous islander for exceptional achievement in preserving the environments and cultures of the world's 100,000-plus islands. The 2010 Seacology Prize recipient is Mr. Rabary Desiré of Madagascar, who has spent several decades protecting the unique biodiversity of northeastern Madagascar.

On an island of immense poverty and rapidly diminishing natural resources, Mr. Desiré is a leader in conservation. A highly sought-after research and ecotourism guide in northeastern Madagascar, Mr. Desiré has dedicated his life to preserving Madagascar's natural resources. He established his own private conservation area, the Antanetiambo Nature Reserve. Located on a former coffee plantation, Antanetiambo Reserve is an inspiring example of successful reforestation, and today provides critical habitat for many of the island's endemic species. Mr. Desiré is a self-taught ecologist who has become an expert on Malagasy flora and fauna, especially the critically endangered Silky Sifaka lemur. He has also been active in investigations and condemnation of the illegal rosewood logging threatening the region's forests. For his lifelong dedication to conserving Madagascar's biodiversity, Mr. Rabary Desiré is awarded the 2010 Seacology Prize.

Join Seacology Board Members and supporters on Thursday, October 7 at the David Brower Center in Berkeley, California to honor Mr. Desiré and hear his remarkable story. For more information on the event, click here. 

A full press release describing Mr. Desiré's achievements can be found here




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