Don't Miss the 2010 Seacology Prize Ceremony!


If you live in the Bay Area, you still have time to RSVP to this year's Seacology Prize Ceremony. Seacology will be honoring Mr. Rabary Desiré of Madagascar next Thursday, October 7, at the David Brower Center in Downtown Berkeley.

Mr. Desiré has dedicated his life to protecting the unique wildlife of his native Madagascar, where he established a private conservation reserve and became a self-taught expert on Malagasy flora and fauna. Seacology will be awarding Mr. Desiré the 2010 Seacology Prize for his conservation efforts. The evening will include a reception and keynote address by Mr. Desiré, who will share his inspiring story with us. Join Seacology Board Members and supporters at this special event!

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RSVP at (510) 559-3505 or

A full press release describing Mr. Desiré's achievements can be found here



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