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What are today's hottest travel destinations? You guessed it--islands! Lonely Planet, one of the world's leading travel guides, just released its annual list of the top 10 sites to visit. From Polynesia to Iceland, islands dominate the list:

Of the mainland sites, two--Sinai, Egypt, and Istria, Croatia--are peninsulas (or, etymologically, nearly islands!) and another is a coastal region--West Coast, USA. Only one inland destination made the list: Cappadocia, Turkey. So if you are planning a trip in the near future, islands are clearly a good choice.


Seacology has projects in many of these locations, and on many more islands around the world. With our help, the native habitats on islands are preserved, both for indigenous communities and for future visitors.

Muri Beach, Rarotonga.JPG

If this list inspired you to find some island travel adventures of your own, consider joining Seacology on one of our upcoming island expeditions. All Seacology trips include site visits to Seacology projects, where we meet local villagers, visit established reserves, and view completed Seacology projects. Our upcoming trips include:

  • Philippines - Explore the beautiful coral reefs and tropical coasts of the Philippines.
  • Azores - This trip aboard the Clipper Odyssey will include stops at Gibraltar, Marrakech in Morroco, the Canary Islands, and the Azores.
  • Tonga - An exciting opportunity to swim with humpback whales in the South Pacific waters around Tonga.

Seacology leads several trips every year, so stay tuned for details on future travel opportunities. Make sure you don't miss any expedition announcements by joining Seacology's Facebook Cause or following us on Twitter!

And if you want a chance to win a free spot on Seacology's trip to swim with humpback whales in Tonga, enter the Trazzler Smart Travel contest!



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