Seacology Events: Glancing Back and Looking Ahead


Every year, Seacology hosts a number of ceremonies, receptions, and other fundraising events. These functions provide a venue for our supporters to actively participate in Seacology's important cause, interact with staff and fellow donors, and learn about our most recent work.  They also allow us to cultivate interested individuals who may not yet know about Seacology.  As we close the door on 2010, Seacology's Development Department is taking a moment to appreciate the donor-attended events over the past year and consider our upcoming calendar. 

In June 2010, Seacology Board Member Larry Barels and his wife, Wendy, graciously hosted a reception on a balmy evening at the Santa Barbara Maritime Museum.  We enjoyed having our event on the warm Santa Barbara coast and entertaining donors clad in Hawaiian shirts and sandals. 

Young Frankenstein 011.jpg

In July, many Board Members, Fellows and supporters enjoyed an evening in San Francisco at Mel Brooks musical Young Frankenstein, followed by a private reception with The Monster and Dr. Frankenstein of the cast (At left,  "The Monster" with board members Paul Cox and Ken Murdock), thanks to Seacology Fellows Jeff Hays and Carole Shorenstein Hays.  

This fall, the 2010 Seacology Prize Ceremony, held in Berkeley, California, honored Rabary Desiré of Madagascar for his extraordinary efforts to protect silky sifakas and other endemic species in the island's disappearing forests.  This particular ceremony was filmed by the BBC for a private documentary on the life of this heroic environmental crusader.  Mr. Desiré was accompanied by another environmentalist, PhD. Candidate Erik Patel, who has lived in Madagascar for more than 10 years studying its threatened habitats.  Erik was a tireless guide and translator for Rabary.  Right on its heels, Seacology Vice President Sandie Tillotson hosted an east coast reception to honor Desiré in her New York abode. (Below, right, Sandie with Erik and Desiré)  It was a sparkling Indian summer night for this well-attended private gathering in Manhattan and the views from Sandie's penthouse were exceptional. 


2010 also found Seacology supporters traveling around the globe to get up close and personal with our island projects. Early in the year, executive director Duane Silverstein and development director Susan Racanelli traveled with Board Member Marsha Williams and other donors to visit island projects in the Lakshadweep Archipelago.  Field representative for India, Vineeta Hoon, was awaiting the group to give updates on island projects.  In May, Duane and Susan journeyed with Seacology Japan's Board of Directors to the remote mountain region of Tadami, well north of Tokyo, where they met up with 2007 Seacology Prize recipient, Kokichi Kariya.  Mr. Kariya has used his prize earnings to create an educational nature walk through the ancient birch forest he spent 40 years trying to protect.  In late summer, Duane's travels took him to Micronesia and Polynesia with Zegrahm Expeditions.  Along with Board President Ken Murdock and Fellow Katherine Fox, they celebrated the opening of a project on Tuvalu.  In late November, Duane and Susan returned from an expedition to Vietnam.  They were joined by Seacology Board Members Ken Murdock and Jake Walker, Fellows Barbara Meyer and Matsuno Patrick, donor Ruth Shapiro and several other Seacology supporters to view Seacology's Cat Ba langur project in Ha Long Bay. 


One of the world's rarest primates, Seacology has supported three separate protection initiatives since 1999. (A Cat Ba langur is pictured at left.) In partnership with the people of Cat Ba Island and Daniela Schrudde of the Münster Zoo, Seacology is helping preserve this langur that is so meaningful to Vietnam's environment and culture.   

As we look forward to 2011, Seacology has more events on the horizon.  In February, we will be joined by Scientific Advisory Board Member and world renowned marine biologist, Dr. Sylvia Earle, at a private reception in Los Angeles given by Seacology Fellows, Lezlie and Mark Johnson.  (Below, right, Dr. Sylvia Earle) On behalf of Seacology, Dr. Earle will speak about the great need to preserve our oceans and create an interconnected global patchwork of safe habitats for marine creatures.  She will especially emphasize the crucial role marine protected areas play in her vision for the Earth's blue heart.  Seacology has been instrumental in creating marine protected areas surrounding islands globally.  We have additional private receptions planned as well as our annual Seacology Prize Ceremony again in October 2011 and will make sure you receive advance details of these events  as you make your own plans for the coming year.
In addition, Duane and Susan will meet with board members from our Japan, Germany, UK and Scandinavia affiliates to support their valuable efforts and exchange ideas.

We are most grateful to all our supporters who joined Seacology at events and on trips in 2010. Please know that we could not do this important work without the help of each and every one of you.  Your contribution of time and your financial support make a world of difference for struggling island communities, fragile eco-systems and vanishing species.  We look forward to seeing you at Seacology events in 2011, whenever time permits! 



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