Celebrate Earth Day!


Although islands cover just 5% of the world's land area, they contain over half of all recent species extinctions. Earth Day is next Friday, April 22, and it's the perfect time to celebrate our planet by helping protect these islands and their wildlife.

With only one click, you can do just that: Berkeley-based jewelry store Nina Designs, which supports fair trade and women's equality at their factories in Thailand and Bali, is raising funds for Seacology this Earth Day. For every person who "Likes" Nina Designs on Facebook before April 22, the store will donate $1 to Seacology. Click on the image below to go to the Nina Designs Facebook page--and be sure to share it with your friends!


There are plenty of other ways to celebrate Earth Day, too:

  • Share your love of our planet with "Happy Earth Day" gift for a loved one - save an acre of rainforest or coral reef in their honor. For just $40, you can help Seacology protect one of these special island habitats, and your recipient will receive a beautiful card with a photo of the place you helped to save. Save an Acre today!
  • Take a minute to remember all the amazing wildlife on islands and around the planet - Earth Day isn't just about trees. Seacology's new partner ARKive is a virtual library filled with images and information about the world's most endangered species. And they recently highlighted Seacology's work on their blog.
  •  Get outside and enjoy nature! Take a walk, plan a picnic, or visit our partner Trazzler for tips on a weekend getaway.
  •  Tell your family and friends about Seacology and why it is important to protect islands. Invite them to peruse our website, watch our videos, join our Facebook page, subscribe to our e-newsletter, or follow our blog or Tweets. Every island supporter can make a difference.



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