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As school years wind to an end, you may be starting to plan summer vacations. This year, make your summer travel as earth-friendly as possible, with these helpful green travel tips:

  •  Travel of any kind--cars, planes, or even trains--creates carbon emissions that add to the harmful greenhouse gases in our atmosphere, increasing the negative effects of climate change. Reduce your impact by donating to a carbon offset fund. Seacology's Carbon Offset Fund supports alternative energy and reforestation island projects to offset your carbon emissions.

  • If you are visiting a coastal area, make sure to bring your sustainable seafood guidelines, which list which species are overfished and endangered and which are safe to eat. 

  • ARKive species - Northern bluefin tuna (Thunnus thynnus)
    Above, bluefin tuna, one of the most endangered fish species. 
  • Reduce plastic waste on your trip by bringing along a reusable water bottle and reusable bags.

  • Endangered species can sometimes turn up in meals or souvenirs--you don't want to accidentally bring home a keychain from a loggerhead sea turtle! Familiarize yourself with the world's most endangered species with the color photos and detailed information on

  • ARKive species - Loggerhead turtle (Caretta caretta)
    Above, a loggerhead sea turtle. 
  • Get inspiration for exciting trip destinations at, a Seacology supporter and leading travel website.

  • Consider joining Seacology on our upcoming trip to Chuuk, where we will explore underwater coral reefs, shipwrecks, and visit a Seacology project site. Picture2.jpg
    Above, the rainforest Seacology is protecting on Fefen Island in Chuuk. 

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