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One of the many things that sets Seacology apart from other nonprofit organizations is our roster of international affiliates.  We now have branches in Japan, Germany, the United Kingdom and Scandinavia.  Recently, Seacology's Executive Director Duane Silverstein and Development Director Susan Racanelli traveled to Tokyo for a memorable visit with our good friends at Seacology Japan. Here's what Duane had to say about his trip: 

Our first stop in Japan's capital was speaking at a seminar in front of 300 people.  This seminar was brilliantly organized by Seacology Japan cofounder Akemi Yoshida.  After my speech was completed it was a rather unusual experience to be surrounded by large numbers of people wanting my autograph or asking to have their picture taken with me (a photo with some supporters appears below).  Some were so overcome with emotion they were even moved to tears.  I don't think what I said or how I said it inspired them so much as the people of Japan having a strong affinity for Seacology's important work:  the wonderful island people we help as well as the beautiful island species we protect.  Whatever the reason we can only say domo arrigato - thank you very much!

Japan 2010 093.jpg

Seacology is pleased to invite our supporters to an evening of musical hilarity to benefit our island conservation work. Join us on July 13, 2010, for San Francisco's exclusive summer tour of Young Frankenstein, the wickedly hilarious musical based on Mel Brooks' Oscar-nominated motion picture of the Mary Shelley classic. Young Frankenstein tells the legendary tale of Dr. Frankenstein and his famous monster, along with a castle filled with memorable characters.


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