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New Distinctive Event Featuring Bay Area Glass Blowers Slated for San Rafael
Sales to Benefit Falkirk Cultural Center and Seacology

Glass pumpkinsSeacology is pleased to announce the inaugural Marin's Glorious Glass Pumpkin Harvest, to be held Saturday and Sunday, October 27 & 28. Over 1,000 irresistible glass pumpkins hand crafted by artists from as far away as Ashland, Oregon will be displayed for sale on the stately grounds of historic Falkirk Mansion. This is a free event and proceeds from the sale of the pumpkins will benefit both Seacology and the Falkirk Cultural Center.

The Marin Glorious Glass Pumpkin Harvest will be a casual yet upscale event leading into Halloween, and is appropriate for families. This amazing assortment of one-of-a-kind glass pumpkins will include designs of all shapes, sizes and colors. Each is a unique work of art that requires at least two artists to complete. There will also be live on-site glass blowing demonstrations (weather permitting) and refreshments for sale. Each pumpkin will be priced for sale ranging from $35 to over $250.

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