Karen: January 2008 Archives

January and June are exciting times around the Seacology office, as those are the typical months for our board meetings.  As I wrote in this post, the months leading up to the meetings are busy times for me as I work with our field representatives to gather information for potential projects to be presented to the board for approval.

hepca mooring.jpgThis time around, our board of directors approved 10 new projects.  I am especially excited that Seacology is expanding into a new region by funding a project in the Red Sea.

Following are short descriptions of the projects passed by Seacology's board of directors at their January 21 meeting.  You can find full descriptions on our website.

Above left: Seacology is assisting Egypt's Hurghada Environmental Protection and Conservation Organization in the installation of 25 mooring buoys around the islands of Wadi El Gemal National Park, Red Sea.  (Photo credit: HEPCA.)