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Making plans for the holidays? Consider giving a meaningful and lasting gift this year: Save an acre of rainforest or coral reef in honor of a loved one. Rainforests and coral reefs are filled with millions of diverse species, but they are two of the most endangered ecosystems on the planet. Every acre we save is crucial to their survival.

With Seacology's new Save an Acre program, your donation of $40 will protect an acre of endangered island ecosystem. You choose whether to save rainforest or coral reef, and we will send your recipient a personalized card of acknowledgment with a beautiful color photograph and exclusive information about the site they helped save. Donations will support Seacology projects protecting the Sitio Lobo Rainforest on Mindanao Island in the Philippines and the Muri Reef on Rarotonga in the Cook Islands.

Perfect for a sustainable holiday gift, the Save an Acre program is also ideal for birthdays, memorials, or gifts throughout the year. Learn more about the program and save an acre today at

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